Today i go in a trip

Ok, I had enough, I’m, leaving !

I decided to change something, something that may change my life !

I’m going on a trip with no more than 200 euro, 1 tent, 1 sleeping bag, 3 T-shirts, 2 jeans, 1 head mounted flashlight, 2 pairs of hiking shoes, 1 HTC One X, 1 Motorola Attrix 4G, an European Map, 1 Nikon D300s + 18-200 VRII Lens, Headphones,1 diary and 3 pencils and no return date.


First I intend to follow the route to the Balkan Rainbow Gathering in Bulgaria on the beautiful Rhodope mountain:

Bucharest – Ruse – Plovdiv-Krumovgrad (Крумовград) – pass Krumovitsa River – Kandilka /Кандилка/ village

After the gathering ends I want to get further to Turkey,Georgia,Lebannon,Egipt,Marocco,Spain,France,Italy,Grece,Serbia,Croatia etc.

I forgot to mention that the whole trip is based only on Hitchhiking and CouchSurfing (sometimes camping).

That being said, see you soon my friends!

My instant location can be seen at :

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