[VLOG] Inca una buna la Dreamhack !


Ziua 2Inca o zi la Dreamhack Bucharest 2016 .

VLOG – Ce s-a intamplat la Dreamhack 2016 Bucuresti


Iaca a mai trecut o editie #Dreamhack !

VLOG – Hai in Bulgaria pentru 5 minute


Am fost in Bulgaria pentru 5 secunde .

Cad şalvarii de pe Skivo ! (VLOG)


Cam Asheaaa .

Vai ,nu cred! ,cum conduce Skivo ! (VLOG11-Part One)


www.SkivoMady.ro – www.BerTTon.com = This awesome thing !

How to GET WET in seconds – VLOG #7

V7 - How to get wet in seconds

Get wet !

Will you marry me ? -VLOG #6

V6 - Will you marry me

Will you marry me ?

Pokemon GO,Segway and Chocolate – #VLOG

V5- Pokemon segway and chocolate

Activities in Bucharest !That’s what i do when I’m not posting videos on #Youtube :)))#Meowmade

Before Pokémon Go, there was Ingress, and its first “XM-Profiler Illumination Portal” is in Japan


Ingress, the original augmented reality app from Niantic, the creators of Pokémon Go, is taking over Tokyo with a holographic portal that lets you see the state of the game in real-time. Japanese vending machines are known for housing some of the world’s most cutting-edge technology within their designs, bringing us everything from bottles of self-freezing Coca-Cola to ground coffee and…

Pokemon Go tips and tricks – how to catch ‘em all


11 Ponturi utile la Pokemon Go – Pokemon Go tips and tricks – how to catch ‘em all   1)Fii atent la fosnetele din iarba Daca in jocurile pokemon traditionale nu puteai sa pasesti prin iarba fara sa fii atacat de catre o haita de Rattata, acum prinderea pokemonilor este ceva mai complicata in Pokemon…

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